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Your best movers in Boston

Your best movers in Boston Your best movers in Boston
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Why us

Worry-free Worry-free

Relax, we've got all your moving concerns covered: we'll carefully pack and load your belongings, and meticulously plan the logistics to ensure your move happens on schedule.

Honest pricing Honest pricing

Our moving company is committed to honest pricing – no hidden fees or surprises on moving day. We are trusted by more than 1000 satisfied clients. We don't just say it — our reviews back it up.

Our Fleet Our Fleet

Our fleet includes vehicles for both small and large moving. All tracks are clean, regularly maintained, and equipped with internal security to keep your belongings safe while driving.

Time-optimized Time-optimized

Save time for quality time with your family or focusing on work tasks, while we handle every aspect of your move, from packing to setting up in your new home.

Licenses Licenses

The StepByStep company holds USDOT and MC licenses, ensuring our Boston moving services operate legally nationwide.

Discounts Discounts

We offer discounts for seniors and military personnel.

Check our reviews

Moving is a trouble, exhausting, and incredibly time-consuming procedure. But it has become much easier because of the moving companies, whose main task is to help you. What are the great sides of our company? Work hard and do your best. Why are our services in so high demand? We have a great reputation and a lot of referrals from our customers. Step by step Boston Movers.

Our services

Local Moving Services Local Moving Services

As local movers in Boston, we can handle all your moving and storage in Boston. We are one the most reliable and trusted New England movers. Whether you’re considering moving companies in Cambridge or moving companies in Boston, we a top moving company in Massachusetts.
Do you need a student moving service and are looking for movers nearby, we offer you good quotes when moving. We are movers in Boston with cheap rates for small and large moves.

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Long Distance Moving Services Long Distance Moving Services

Step By Step Moving and Storage is one of the more established long distance movers in Boston whether you need movers from Boston to NYC or anywhere; we offer a complete service from packing, transportation, delivery, and storage in Boston, MA. Get online moving quotes for all your moving estimates cross country at the click of a button. We are efficient and affordable New York to Boston movers who have built a reputation for customer satisfaction.

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Commercial Moving Services Commercial Moving Services

As a moving company in Massachusetts, we have a team of expert movers in Boston and movers in Cambridge, MA; you can quickly get a moving quote online from the comfort of your offices. We have strict protocols for separating specific goods and equipment to ensure your assets' integrity and safekeeping once the storage period is complete. If your business is moving to Boston, Massachusetts, we have the best move on quotes.

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Packing Services Packing Services

If you are moving to Boston, it is best to hire one of the top moving companies in Boston, MA. You ensure that your goods and valuables are carefully packed and separated according to how fragile, hardy, bulky, or easily damaged they are. You can be sure of the appropriate transportation and routes. Our pricing is readily available to you through our moving company online quote service.
In many cases, movers typically include damage coverage in their moving costs. As a Boston mover, we have the right equipment, human resources, skills, and expertise to lift heavy loads safely. We have the best Boston quotes on all packing services.

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Storage Solutions Storage Solutions

When you want to hire storage movers, you want assurance of secure, safe, and quality storage facilities. As the best movers in Boston, we provide a range of tailor-made storage solutions to suit the size and type of goods and the storage period for all your home and commercial storage needs.
As one of the top moving companies in Cambridge, MA, we have quality storage facilities, a fleet of vehicles, and trained personnel who can pick up, package, and store your belongings and goods straight to from your residential or business premises. We also provide a delivery service. We are one of the most trusted and affordable storage movers and Boston’s best rate movers.

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Best Boston Moving Company Best Boston Moving Company

Our moving and storage service is flexible and responsive. Our service delivery is tailored for your convenience and efficiency with our online moving quotes. Just send us a request for all your Boston moving and storage quotes or use our moving quote calculator to get the best quotes on moving and storage in Boston. If you want cheap movers or cheap storage in Boston and still get efficient service delivery, get in touch with Step By Step Moving and Storage for the best rate on moving in the city.
We have years of expertise and experience as a Boston moving company and have gained the Better Business Bureau moving companies accreditation. We are New England Movers who deliver provide a to moving and storage service.
You don’t have to worry about any of the heavy lifting and logistics. Leave that to us!

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Our advantages

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Happy clients

Our advantages
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Helpful movers

Our advantages Our advantages

Do you need to move to a new house or make a long-distance move from Boston? What you need is a reliable and professional moving company in Boston. Step by Step Moving and Storage is one of Boston’s best moving companies, providing a quality service for all your local and long-distance moves.

As a Boston moving company, our business is providing you with moving help in Boston. We pride ourselves on ensuring we move your valuables safely and securely from one location to the other. No matter how large or small the move is, we are the Boston movers for you. If you are looking for a top residential mover, a dish mover service, college movers, or commercial movers, contact us for moving quotes, local and long-distance.

Let us make your moving experience both pleasant and stress-free with our range of storage and moving services in Boston.

Ensuring that we deliver the best services to our clients is crucial for us. Let us help you prepare for a smooth and successful move.

  • Labor & Equipment
  • Floor Protection
  • Wrapped Furniture
  • Tolls
  • Taxes
  • No Additional Fees
  • Fuel Charge
  • Safe Delivery
  • Guaranteed Price

Our rates

When moving to another state, even if it is a neighboring one, the price of your move will be calculated differently from the local move – it’s all about the pricing elements, services, and how they impact the ultimate moving cost. And here are the factors you should mind to establish an approximate price of your move: Size of your house, apartment, or office as well as the total weight of your stuff. In general, the more possessions, the heavier the shipment. Local movers service charges by hour, but for interstate relocation, the cost is determined by the total weight of things to be transported. Distance. Certainly, the distance between places A and B will have an impact on the relocation price.

Special things. If you need to transport a piano, for instance, the cost of moving services will go up significantly. Antique furniture items, a pool table, a huge and heavy metal safe, machinery, and other small and huge items are just several examples of specialty objects that need to be transported with additional care. It is important that you discuss with us all of the things that will be traveling with you to your new home.

Starting from

per hour

3 men
  • Studio/1 bedroom apartment
  • 3 professional movers
  • Truck from 16′ to 26′
Starting from

per hour

2 men
  • Studio/1 bedroom apart
  • 2 professional movers
  • Truck from 16′ to 26′
Starting from

per hour

4 men
  • Studio/1 bedroom apart
  • 4 professional movers
  • Truck from 16′ to 26′
Starting from

per hour

5 men
  • Studio/1 bedroom apart
  • 5 professional movers
  • Truck from 16′ to 26′

About us

We're based in Boston, but our geography is not limited to this. We can take you anywhere in the USA!

What makes a moving company one of the best movers in Boston, MA? Most customers want movers who are professional, courteous, ethical, skilled, and experienced. Those are qualities that Step By Step Moving and Storage can offer. When you work with us, you get 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We make sure that we’re affordable, but we’re also available to those in Boston and the greater Massachusetts area.

We’ve been helping Boston homeowners and companies for many years, so we can ensure that you have a stress-free move. In fact, we don’t let those common moving challenges slow us because we plan. For all the years that we’ve been a full-service moving company in Boston, we’ve honed our skills to meet your highest service expectations.

Did you know that we offer both residential and commercial moving services? This means that when your company is ready to move ahead and expand, you’ve got us on your side. However, we also help homeowners, and our mover’s team is great at what it does.

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Moving in Boston


Moving is one of life’s most stressful activities in general, but it may be especially difficult if you’ve never done it before. Time, effort, and cost are all the necessary components of any relocation. Damage, missing property, and excess costs can happen when you do it all by yourself and avoid turning for help to a full-service Boston moving company because you may think the rates are too big.

So why should you choose moving services in Boston? Let’s go over some of the advantages of getting the affordable moving help of Step by Step Moving and Storage company to handle your relocation at good rates.

Types of Tape for Packing Assets when Moving House

#1. Movers Will Help You to Avoid Damage to Your Possessions

Hiring movers, this is one of the most significant advantages. Packing and moving heavy pieces of furniture, equipment, appliances, etc. is challenging for everyone. Expert movers can provide such services as packing, loading, unloading, and transporting your heavy furniture to your new apartment or house without causing any damage both when carrying and loading/unloading. In the event of damage or loss, Boston movers often provide insurance coverage. If you’ve ever relocated on your own, you know how much labor should be put in to make the move hassle- and trouble-free. Damage prevention can save you money in the long term, so moving help will definitely mean a lot.

#2. Movers Cost Less Than You Think

Hiring movers can save you money, even if it doesn’t seem like it at first when you get to know the rates of a particular mover. Statistics prove that moving your belongings on your own is likely to result in damage and loss of certain possessions. In some cases, it may be necessary to purchase new furniture, repair damaged things, or hire a furniture repair expert. Your relocation will be handled properly by a moving company, and you’ll be covered if anything happens to your belongings as it all is included in the final cost which is usually affordable. When moving on your own, you should also consider additional costs, such as the cost of hiring a truck and the cost of gasoline. Contact us to get to know hourly rates for our services to handle your move.

#3. Movers Have the Needed Equipment

If you choose the help of a professional Boston moving company, rest assured we will supply you with the necessary equipment and mover team to ensure that your relocation goes smoothly and quickly. Boston movers always offer their clients moving trucks of the needed sizes to transport either a small apartment worth of stuff or a huge 2-story house. Additional services include local, long-distance moves, storage, packing, and others.

#4. Movers Can Move You Quickly and Efficiently at Affordable Rates

It surely takes a lot of time and effort to relocate. Depending on the number of furniture pieces and other objects to be moved, it can potentially take from a few weeks to a few months to plan, organize, pack, and finally relocate. Moreover, packing all of your belongings in boxes might be a scary endeavor that will take lots of time, effort, and precision, but not for an expert mover.

So when you hire a moving company, your stuff can be more efficiently transported than you would be able to do on your own. Your relocation will be completed more quickly if the movers of your choice provide moving help at all the stages of this process.

#5. Movers Protect You from Injuries and Other Moving-Related Problems

Damage to your things is not the only concern. If you suffer from some health issues, you will put yourself in danger when you decide to handle a DIY move. So it is a good idea to ask around for the best rates and hirefull-service and affordable movers to help you pack and move your belongings

We have proper materials, equipment, and expertise so we can guarantee the moving help with precision, and your relocation will be done correctly. Lifting and carrying heavy objects to/from the truck on your own can result in cuts, bruises, injuries, and back problems. When you turn to movers for help, they will do everything for you because they are trained and this is what they do every day.

Hire Boston movers from Step by Step Moving and Storage Boston moving company, find out the rates, what services we offer, have an in-home estimate, and plan your move right. We will be there to provide the needed moving help, alleviate the huge burden and make your moving experience a piece of cake.


Do I need a deposit to secure my move?
Yes, for a local move we take a deposit which is one hour of work. For a long distance move the deposit is 10 to 15 percent of the balance.
What forms of payment we we accept ?
For a local move you can pay with cash, check or a card. If you are looking to pay with a card there will be a 3% fee. If paid in cash you will get a 5% discount. For a long distance move you can pay with cash or bankers certified check. We do not accept a Cash app, Venmo or Zelle as a form of payment.
Do we offer a packing service?
Yes, we are capable of completing a full packing service of your boxes. Depending on the size of the job we can either do it all in one day, or we can split the process in two day. The first day will be dedicated to packing, the second day will be for moving.
Can I get a flat rate for the move?
For a local move we do not offer flat rates. For a long distance move a flat rate is the only option.
Do You Replace Damaged Goods?
A reputable moving and storage company should offer an full value protection insyrance policy purchase option to cover on its moving company quote.
Can I track status of my shipment?
Yes absolutely we have a GPS in our trucks.
How Do I Find a Reliable Long Distance Mover?
A reputable and professional long distance mover usually has referrals, good online reviews, a verifiable physical address, and accredited with the Better Business Bureau. The same applies for local movers in Boston.

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