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We are Step By Step Moving And Storage, located in Boston, MA. If you need commercial movers, Boston offers great representation with our services. Business moving can be a hassle, especially with the difficulties of moving an office. You have to account for all your corporate items and make sure nothing is lost during the transitional process. It can be a significant headache, but we can alleviate it with our hard work and well-earned reputation. Office moving companies need to use the best movers in Boston MA; we are Boston movers you can trust.

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Offices are continually changing locations nowadays as the industry grows and the marketplace offers new business opportunities.

Getting ready for corporate or commercial relocation in Boston is a smart idea no matter whether you’re moving a storage facility, expanding to a larger office due to increased demand, or shrinking to a smaller location since most of your staff will be working remotely, etc.

Early moving preparations are essential. When it comes to Boston office moving, it’s better to leave it in the hands of a professional moving company. With the help of a Boston MA commercial moving company, you’ll be able to get things done promptly, with minimum downtime, and minimal disruption to your workday.

Moving process

Commercial moving in Boston

What we carry for your commercial moving. Our moving staff is an expert when dealing with all kinds of office items:

  • Desktops, laptops, servers, and other electronic equipment
  • Desks, chairs, cubicles, conference tables, and other office furniture
  • Personal belongings of employees, labeled
  • Storage cabinets, shelves, and other storage units
  • Business signs and logos, both indoor and outdoor
  • Portable lighting fixtures and lamps
  • Kitchen appliances, including refrigerators, microwaves, and coffee makers
  • Stationery and office supplies, including pens, paper, and staplers
  • Hard copies of important documents, reports, and files
  • Oversized equipment that requires special handling and transportation.

Why us

Worry-free Worry-free

Relax, we've got all your moving concerns covered: we'll carefully pack and load your belongings, and meticulously plan the logistics to ensure your move happens on schedule.

Honest pricing Honest pricing

Our moving company is committed to honest pricing – no hidden fees or surprises on moving day. We are trusted by more than 1000 satisfied clients. We don't just say it — our reviews back it up.

Our Fleet Our Fleet

Our fleet includes vehicles for both small and large moving. All tracks are clean, regularly maintained, and equipped with internal security to keep your belongings safe while driving.

Time-optimized Time-optimized

Save time for quality time with your family or focusing on work tasks, while we handle every aspect of your move, from packing to setting up in your new home.

Licenses Licenses

The StepByStep company holds USDOT and MC licenses, ensuring our Boston moving services operate legally nationwide.

Discounts Discounts

We offer discounts for seniors and military personnel.

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Moving is a trouble, exhausting, and incredibly time-consuming procedure. But it has become much easier because of the moving companies, whose main task is to help you. What are the great sides of our company? Work hard and do your best. Why are our services in so high demand? We have a great reputation and a lot of referrals from our customers. Step by step Boston Movers.

How we work

01 Get a quote fast

Immediately after your call or request, we calculate the cost so that you can navigate

02 Pack easy your belongings

You pack things yourself, or we come and pack everything quickly and neatly

03 Get moved quickly

Then we immediately hit the road!

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Our advantages
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Helpful movers

Our advantages Our advantages

No matter whether you’re moving to/from Boston, MA, and New Jersey, or within these two states, the almost 300-mile journey transporting your valuable possessions won’t be an easy one. Local or long-distance moving is stressful enough if it’s done all by yourself, however, there is an opportunity to live through this day without additional challenges. When you decide to turn to professional moving service, you won’t have to worry about what, where, and how. Every single thing, whether it’s small or huge, will be packed/unpacked, loaded/unloaded, stored, and put in its place in your new house, apartment, or office. Though choosing to move cross country on one’s own may be an option for some, still many people decide to resort to the services of a reliable and progressive moving company like Step by Step Moving and Storage. Just because this is the fastest and most trouble-free service to move from Boston to New Jersey or vice versa.

Ensuring that we deliver the best services to our clients is crucial for us. Let us help you prepare for a smooth and successful move.

  • Labor & Equipment
  • Floor Protection
  • Wrapped Furniture
  • Tolls
  • Taxes
  • No Additional Fees
  • Fuel Charge
  • Safe Delivery
  • Guaranteed Price

Our services

Local Moving Services Local Moving Services

As local movers in Boston, we can handle all your moving and storage in Boston. We are one the most reliable and trusted New England movers. Whether you’re considering moving companies in Cambridge or moving companies in Boston, we a top moving company in Massachusetts.
Do you need a student moving service and are looking for movers nearby, we offer you good quotes when moving. We are movers in Boston with cheap rates for small and large moves.

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Long Distance Moving Services Long Distance Moving Services

Step By Step Moving and Storage is one of the more established long distance movers in Boston whether you need movers from Boston to NYC or anywhere; we offer a complete service from packing, transportation, delivery, and storage in Boston, MA. Get online moving quotes for all your moving estimates cross country at the click of a button. We are efficient and affordable New York to Boston movers who have built a reputation for customer satisfaction.

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Commercial Moving Services Commercial Moving Services

As a moving company in Massachusetts, we have a team of expert movers in Boston and movers in Cambridge, MA; you can quickly get a moving quote online from the comfort of your offices. We have strict protocols for separating specific goods and equipment to ensure your assets' integrity and safekeeping once the storage period is complete. If your business is moving to Boston, Massachusetts, we have the best move on quotes.

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Packing Services Packing Services

If you are moving to Boston, it is best to hire one of the top moving companies in Boston, MA. You ensure that your goods and valuables are carefully packed and separated according to how fragile, hardy, bulky, or easily damaged they are. You can be sure of the appropriate transportation and routes. Our pricing is readily available to you through our moving company online quote service.
In many cases, movers typically include damage coverage in their moving costs. As a Boston mover, we have the right equipment, human resources, skills, and expertise to lift heavy loads safely. We have the best Boston quotes on all packing services.

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Storage Solutions Storage Solutions

When you want to hire storage movers, you want assurance of secure, safe, and quality storage facilities. As the best movers in Boston, we provide a range of tailor-made storage solutions to suit the size and type of goods and the storage period for all your home and commercial storage needs.
As one of the top moving companies in Cambridge, MA, we have quality storage facilities, a fleet of vehicles, and trained personnel who can pick up, package, and store your belongings and goods straight to from your residential or business premises. We also provide a delivery service. We are one of the most trusted and affordable storage movers and Boston’s best rate movers.

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Best Boston Moving Company Best Boston Moving Company

Our moving and storage service is flexible and responsive. Our service delivery is tailored for your convenience and efficiency with our online moving quotes. Just send us a request for all your Boston moving and storage quotes or use our moving quote calculator to get the best quotes on moving and storage in Boston. If you want cheap movers or cheap storage in Boston and still get efficient service delivery, get in touch with Step By Step Moving and Storage for the best rate on moving in the city.
We have years of expertise and experience as a Boston moving company and have gained the Better Business Bureau moving companies accreditation. We are New England Movers who deliver provide a to moving and storage service.
You don’t have to worry about any of the heavy lifting and logistics. Leave that to us!

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Meet our team

Why are we the best? The main pros of using our company services are the professionalism of our movers and the full responsibility to each of our customers.

Why are we the best? The main pros of using our company services are the professionalism of our movers and the full responsibility to each of our customers. Entrust your move to the team of professionals, and you will never regret it.

Why are we the best? The main pros of using our company services are the professionalism of our movers and the full responsibility to each of our customers. Entrust your move to the team of professionals, and you will never regret it.

Our rates
Our rates
Our rates
Our rates
Our rates
Our rates
Our rates
Our rates
Our rates
Our rates

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Reasonable white glove moving services in Boston, MA is mostly the optimal ratio of prices and quality of moving services. At first, it may seem that white glove movers in Boston, MA do not offer any services but move heavy things, but this is not true. White glove movers transport your things quickly, keeping them the way they were before they arrived. And these Boston movers offer serious services, which consist of competent packing of things, storage, complete mutual understanding, and neatness of the white glove movers themselves.

In our Boston moving company, the roles of certified movers are distributed, and each of white glove movers does their job. Due to years of moving experience in this field, apartment moving for our white glove company is not a challenge, but a task whose solution is already formed by movers in advance. That is why moving objects and their transportation remains a matter of tried and tested technique.

The first moving step to take

What is the beginning of any serious moving process in Boston, MA? Some people feel joy about the impending change of residence, someone, on the contrary, is very upset by this fact, but both of them usually rally dejection and excitement caused by the impending amount of work. The easiest and most painless way out is to hire white glove movers at affordable prices near Boston, MA to organize the transportation services, which will not only help move furniture, but also take care of storage, packaging, and unpacking cargo, disassembling and assembling the furniture, and make an apartment moving at low cost. You can even hire piano movers if you have one object. Though, do not forget to read Boston online reviews first. Whereas, most of the Boston clients are not looking for easy ways and take the moving process on their own. Let’s consider the most popular myths concerning white glove movers.

White glove movers are expensive

Professional white glove transportation services in Boston, MA are expensive, according to most reviews. Is that true? Many people think so, and most of them are sure that the white glove moving cost is not justified. At first glance, it may seem so, especially if a person is confronted with international moving for the first time. Well, what is there to pay “such” money for? You can pack things yourself before moving, and for the loading and unloading services ask relatives and friends to help – is that not a reason to talk? Hire a car, arranged with friends (Uncle Jack said, that would only need to pay for gas) … What is not an option? That’s the theory. In practice, however, most often it turns out that the price of fuel increases before the M-day, Uncle Jack had some urgent matters, the car broke down, and relatives are all sick … (underline the point). The result is nerve cells and total moving chaos. Add to this the damage to property caused by improper packaging and unprepared transportation, and the necessity to throw a party for friends and relatives. This moving process does not seem savvy, right?

No Trust

Most people are not used to entrusting their hard-earned property to movers, according to numerous reviews as well. And we have a special attitude to the profession of a mover: the concept of “professional white glove mover” is met by people very skeptically. The image people have developed over the years about these guys is the following. Movers look like swearing brutals, throwing boxes in the car for nothing, and nothing to account for. But we do not live in the last century. Hired moving crews may still conform to existing stereotypes in many respects, but a serious white glove moving company will never allow themselves to employ movers like these. Selection of best certified movers for a solid company is very painstaking because the white glove mover is the face of the company. White glove movers communicate directly with the client, and it is the movers’ role in the process that is one of the keys to success.

In addition, nothing is more useful to creating a trusting relationship than a clear contract, which spelled out the rights and responsibilities of the parties, including guarantees of safety of property and financial responsibility.

Reasons to Avoid Untrusted Companies

The fact is that most trucking companies near Boston often do not calculate the exact duration of the move or the exact amount of packing materials it will use. These furniture movers at affordable prices do not know how to predict the number of resources, or they don’t set themselves such a task – that’s another problem. But you probably will be called a benchmark “X dollars for the first 2-3 hours of work, and then – as it turns out. And it can turn out differently … The moving process will be delayed or unexpected additional express moving payments will appear: for the assembly-disassembly of furniture, down or up the stairs, even for loading into the car – unfortunately, it is not an uncommon situation

But a reliable moving company will always offer you an accurate moving calculation – how long movers will work, how much the express moving will cost. And all the extra moving work is already included in the moving budget.

When you hire cross-country movers with no license, thinking that express moving is just a simple process, you have to be aware of the following moving nuances:


  • The moving process is carried out without a contract and without establishing clear estimations
  • The furniture movers usually do not bear any material responsibility in case of damage or loss of things and no claims are accepted
  • These movers do not give a near guarantee for the quality of packaging and the proper arrangement of the goods transported in the body of the car
  • Packing materials are the problem of the customer, as well as cleaning after the departure of the movers
  • Controlling the rate of loading and unloading is quite a problem. Time is delayed and the result of the downtime of the car has to pay more than for the comprehensive services of a professional moving company.


Well, if you really care about your health and your friends, it is better to leave the care of the weights to white glove movers. Legitimate question: where to get the best executive class moving company?

The answer: in moving companies engaged in providing comprehensive services for moving, transportation, storage, and handling. Serious moving organizations such as Step by Step moving, for example, approach the selection of candidates for the moving job very scrupulously. The modern white glove movers are not just muscles, they are also:

  • A set of certain skills that allow high-quality packing, loading, and rigging work,
  • Know how to operate mechanisms and devices used in the loading process
  • Have knowledge of the specifics of each category of goods
  • And responsibility!

You can also find qualified and responsible white glove movers on your own, among hired crews. Will you be the lucky one? You can learn only at the end of their work. Do you like Russian roulette? Take a risk. No? Turn to white glove moving services, where you will get a full range of quality services on a contractual basis with guarantees.


We understand that when the moving process is over, you want to finish the formalities as soon as possible, get the movers up to speed, and start getting settled into your new place. But first, it is worth making sure that the move really went “perfectly”. It does not take much time, but it will insure you against possible misunderstandings with piano movers in the future.

We have prepared a handy checklist, with which you will not miss any important details even while working with international movers who offer executive class services.

So, after completing the white glove moving services together with an employee of the executive class moving company:

  • Check the availability of a full package of moving service documents (properly executed and signed from both sides of the contract with annexes + acceptance certificate + payment documents).
  • Check the availability of all belongings according to the list (“Step by Step” attaches the list to the contract for services). With large items and furniture, no questions usually arise. Also count the boxes of belongings, appliances, sports equipment (bicycles, skis), etc.
  • Make sure there is no damage to the property – carefully inspect furniture and boxes from all sides.
  • If there was furniture assembly – be sure to check the quality of assembly (furniture is level, not wobbly, all doors close tightly, drawers “walk” smoothly, handles screwed tightly).
  • Inspect the walls and floors in the room after installation for damage to the finish, paying particular attention to doorways and walls in narrow corridors.
  • If you have refused to have the goods unpacked by the staff of the moving company, check the integrity of all the boxes – there must be no signs of damage, dents, or bruises.
  • When transporting property that belongs to the list of technically complex goods (household appliances and office equipment), it is mandatory to check it for proper operation. Do it twice on the day of the move – before packing and transportation and after – and always in the presence of movers.
  • If you moved the property that requires special care, such as fragile, valuable, or memorabilia at the end of the move should unpack and inspect it.
  • Check to see if all used packing material has been cleaned up by the staff.
  • Only after completing all these actions, sign the Acceptance Act for services rendered.


Find out whether the moving company has any complaint resolution and quality control mechanism and whether it has its own quality control service. The presence of such a mechanism in the company indicates the company’s focus on providing quality services and continuous improvement of the quality of its employees.

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