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Packing Services

move anywhere in the with confidence

Do you need packing supplies to wrap up your furniture, or do you require the help of expert packers to lighten your workload? Being prepared for the moment you move is the key to having a pleasant experience. In both cases, here at Step By Step Moving & Storage, we got your solutions.

What's included in Packing Services

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Brand New Packing Materials

We can provide you with special padding, tape, boxes, and packing paper to secure your belongings. All of our packing materials are brand new, ready to handle the items you put in them. We also make custom wooden crates for things that are made to order. When solicited, we can give instructions on the correct way to use the materials if you're packing a home or an office by yourself.

Using your old boxes can save money, but they are prone to break, making them a gamble when you're packing fragile items. Our brand-new packages can be a little expensive, but avoiding broken plates and glasses is a way to save money in itself.

Figuring out how many boxes you need to pack your things is a challenging task, but you can prepare yourself with our moving experts' assistance. Our years of experience in helping people move to new homes make us able to determine precisely how many boxes and packing materials you need to secure your things. Your move can become a memorable experience just by having the appropriate supplies to pack your stuff.

We can give you tips to organize your items and prepare for the day you move, and provide you with the supplies you need to get your packing started as soon as possible. Our brand-new moving box delivery system is there to get you your materials as quickly as possible.

Full Service Packing in Boston

If doing your own work isn't something you look forward to, and you're looking for packing companies for moving, our Boston, MA moving professionals can provide you with a full packing service.

Our moving company in Boston, MA, offers a packing service available for commercial, residential, long-distance and local Boston moves. We can come to your house with a team of movers and packers to neatly pack up your stuff. Other packing and moving companies don't offer the same quality of service that we do. We train our workers to become expert packers and movers in Boston, MA, so they're able to provide you with a custom packing service unmatched by other moving companies in Massachusetts.

Our long-distance or local movers can provide packing and unpacking services for all of our customers. Other local movers in Boston don't offer the same white-glove service that our professional packers are capable of providing. We seek to save your time and relieve your stress with our packing and moving services.

When you're looking for furniture movers in Boston to pack your things, don't look for any other Boston moving company besides Step By Step Moving & Storage. Our friendly and experienced Boston movers have your satisfaction as a goal. If you hire us, we can make sure that your property is entirely safe without sparing any packing materials to secure it. Our team treats your belongings as they treat their own, with the utmost care.

Custom Crating Service

Step By Step Moving and Storage offers specialized crating services for fragile materials or valuable goods such as artwork, musical equipment, antiques, among other things. Our trained workers are more than capable of packing your property and delicate furniture in a way that guarantees its safety, and with custom wooden crates also being available for use, we have every situation covered.

Contact Us to Figure out a Packing Plan

Our local and long-distance movers and packers outshine the professionals of other Boston moving companies. We can figure out the best option for you, whether that is a full packing plan or a partial packing plan. Our team can also create a custom plan employing our custom wooden crates to safeguard your most valuable things. We can even help with just unpacking your property in your new home if it's the only thing you require.

When you need moving help in Boston to figure out a packing plan, or you need help with a local move, contact us to get a budget. You can call us at (857) 498-7328 or write us an e-mail at stepbystepmovingcompany@gmail.com. If you give us the details, our experts can devise an ideal plan for you to go through. Regardless of the option you take, you can be sure that your move can proceed smoothly with our professional worker's help.

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