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Moving with the Office? The Checklist to Pursue

Nearly half of the business institutions in the country sooner or later face the situation when moving the new headquarters to new surroundings becomes an urgent need. There is a whole system of proper strategy of the move with the rules, following the office moving checklist you can change offices without problems or losses. A sound office is a real “second home” for its employees as people spend the third part of their lives at work. And during their stay in this spot, each employee gets a lot of things. Among them are important papers, office equipment and stationery, as well as nice little things, souvenirs and other necessary things. And what about when you have to change office? How to quickly and accurately move everything you need without losing or spoiling anything? Conventionally, the perfect headquarters relocation can be divided into the following one-by-one stages:
  • decision-making;
  • choosing a contractor;
  • moving and setting up.

Decision Making

If moving deadlines do not force a rush, it is better to start preparing 1.5-2 months in advance. During this period, the following office move checklists should be carried out:
  • Motivate employees to actively participate in the preparation process and directly in the move;
  • Complete a checklist office move of necessary actions, deadlines, performers, and top supervisors from each business department;
  • Inspect the new premises with the heads of departments to determine the arrangement of furniture and office equipment;
  • System administrators should ensure that computers, the internet, phones, and other office gadgets can be connected in advance. If necessary, conclude new contracts for the provision of additional telephone numbers. Add this to your office move checklist;
  • Notify counterparties of the company’s new address, telephone numbers, and driving directions;
  • Rent a post office Box in the post office at the former address of the office, to receive correspondence;
  • Survey employees to find out who will not be able to continue working at the new office. Assist them in finding employment.

Choosing a contractor

Depending on the available budget for a moving checklist for office you can organize your own transportation process or involve a moving company. When organizing a move by your efforts, you need to:
  • Conduct an inventory of assets to calculate the number of vehicles needed;
  • Assign responsible departments for organizing the preparation and relocation;
  • Order vehicles with a team of movers. To accelerate the pace of loading and unloading, it is preferable to invite at least four movers for each car;
Some large companies prefer to invite noteworthy moving firms that provide services for moving “turnkey”. Their checklist for moving offices includes the next essential points:
  • Dismantling and assembling, packing, loading, and transporting furniture, and office equipment to the new premises. Disassembled furniture takes less space in the truck, so you can move it more at once.
  • Organization of packing documentation and belongings. Experienced specialists of the most reasonable transportation company will advise how best to pack and label them.
  • Insurance of furniture and office equipment from damage during office moving checklist;
  • Garbage removal.
  • Attracting a transport company to transport the office, although it requires a lot of funds, allows you to save energy employees so they can immediately begin full work at the new office location.
  • Most often, the time of the move is scheduled for the weekend or at night, so as not to interrupt the work of the office for a long time. Of course, the work of employees should be appreciated.
When picking a moving company, the first point of the checklist move office is crucial to make certain that the company has all the necessary resources to organize your move, and that these resources are of the right quality for you. Ask for information about the current condition of the truck for moving, the number of movers working in the staff, and what tools and packaging are used in the transportaion. The second point of the business move checklist is to get confirmation that the company has experience in organizing similar projects to yours. And the experience is not occasional, but continuous. Keep in mind that the principle of organizing a large-scale office move is different from the organization of small and inexpensive apartment moves. Keep these nuances in mind when forming requirements for the contractor. The third point of the office move-out checklist is to make certain that the company can communicate with you in the same language, ready to seek a solution to your problem. Pay attention to the company’s approach to communication with customers – how punctual the employees are, comply with agreements, and promptly respond to your requests. How the employees treat the negotiations, in the same way they will treat your move.

Moving and Setting Up Checklist

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When all the furniture and equipment are in the new position check the following steps of the office move-in checklist:

  • Make certain you have a complete set of documentsContract with attachments + hand-over certificate + payment documents.
  • Check that all assets are on the list.Validate all items and furniture, but also lighting and household appliances, and sports equipment (bicycles, skis, etc.).
  • Make confident there is no damage to the propertyCarefully inspect furniture and boxes from all sides.
  • If furniture has been assembled, be sure to check the quality of theThe furniture is solid, the doors close securely, the drawers “slide” smoothly, the doors close smoothly, and the drawers and pull-outs slide freely. Drawers “run” smoothly, and handles are securely fastened.
  • Inspect the walls and floors in the roomMake sure there is no damage to the interior finish, paying particular attention todoorways on the walls of the two corridors.
  • Check the integrity of the packaging.This is especially important if you have refused to have the property unpacked by theThere must not be any signs of damage to the packaging or dents and breaks in the packaging.
  • Be sure to check the equipment for operabilityUnpack, inspect and check the equipment in its entirety and in the presence of our the presence of company personnel.
  • Check that all packaging material has been removed by employees.
  • After completing all of these essential steps, sign the document of the service provided

Now we can breathe a sigh of relief. The new view from the window is pleasing to the eye. The staff have arranged their cacti, hung calendars, put pencils and anti-stress toys in their drawers, and are ready for new labor exploits. Off we go!

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