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How to pack large items for moving

Moving is an important milestone in everyone’s life. A new place, new conditions, and surroundings, interesting acquaintances – all of this makes it an exciting event, symbolizing change. Everyone would like the memories associated with the moving not to be overshadowed by troubles. The Step by step company comes in handy!

In order not to regret damaged or beaten things, it is better to draw up a written moving plan on how to pack large items for moving and act in accordance with its points. However, if you decide to do everything yourself, you need to be prepared for tedious chores and set aside a lot of time for training. The best practice is to hire the Step by step local moving company to settle your large items the proper way.

Review the furniture

Say goodbye with no regrets to the furniture and interior large items that are not used, but lie dead weight, in order to make room in the new apartment and in life for useful things that bring pleasure. Something can be sold, something can be distributed to neighbors and acquaintances, and something can be taken to the trash.

When this work is done, the process of preparing for the move will be greatly simplified, and you will feel relieved and satisfied that there will be no unnecessary trash left on the long storage for no reason. At this step, it is time to call the movers’ company and choose the moving date. If you prefer to pack large items without the help of a movers company, keep reading.

Step first. Packing Things

First of all, it is necessary to free the furniture from the contents of drawers and shelves, in parallel, you can pack the items to be removed, filtering out and removing everything unnecessary. This will make it easier for the local moving company to do their job. If you prefer packing personally, here is the checklist:

Preparing furniture for moving

Further actions have approximately the following algorithm:

  • All shelves must be removed from the cabinets, labeled, wrapped with corrugated cardboard, and covered with stretch film.
  • Mirrors are recommended to be removed and packed in foam rubber.
  • Bulky large items that cannot be carried through doorways or placed in a freight elevator should be disassembled by packing the components in bubble wrap or corrugated cardboard, signed and tied with tape.
  • Removed fittings and other small parts must be placed in separate boxes and marked accordingly.
  • Small cabinets with doors and drawers (for example, a kitchen set or a chest of drawers) can be transported unassembled, but at the same time, the doors and other moving parts can be securely fixed in the closed state with adhesive tape or stretch film, and furniture should be packed in cardboard.
  • Upholstered furniture should be protected from possible damage and contamination with dense waterproof material.

To avoid the fuss, it is important to take care of full readiness by the time the moving truck arrives. So you will save money, which is usually charged to customers by movers for waiting at the entrance.

Step Second. Transportation

If you are going to personally manage the movers process and participate in it, then consider the following rules when loading furniture and large items into the moving truck:

  • First of all, fill the vehicle with the bulkiest large items, stacking them as compactly as possible; it is recommended to fill the gaps between objects with something soft, you can use old blankets (thus, the furniture will not “walk” and will not shake).
  • Send small-sized items next, stacking according to the same principle; and finally – small bundles, packed mirrors and boxes with fittings.
  • An important point when transporting upholstered furniture covered with natural or artificial leather is that it is very desirable to pack it in a springy or hard material, and not lay it on top of anything heavy, otherwise your favorite sofa or chair can suffer very much; if the moving takes place at sub-zero temperatures, then you should not immediately unpack such furniture until it warms up in the room (otherwise, the material may crack).

Though, the best way is to hire a moving company to satisfy your relocation needs. If you need long storage of any large items, they can assist as well.

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Disassemble and Pack the Futon

Futons are one of the most popular in the furniture market. Therefore, the question of disassembling/assembling and transporting a futon large items often arises among people – commensurate with its popularity. Therefore, we consider it important to tell you more about how to do it neatly and correctly – if you, say, started an apartment move without the help of a trustworthy moving company.

There is nothing complicated in preparing a futon for transportation, but keep in mind – this is your time and effort. You can save them by turning to professional movers for help. Moreover, a number of services offer to hire experienced movers, and this is always more profitable than contacting the truck and movers separately.

  • To disassemble a classic futon, you first need to raise the seat and lay the back on it.
  • Then, armed with a wrench, unscrew the nuts (they will become visible below in this position).
  • The next step is to remove the seat.
  • After it, you can unscrew the side parts (armrests). Inside you will see the nuts that hold the back. All parts should be wrapped in corrugated cardboard and stretch film.

Sometimes fasteners are disguised as upholstery. For disassembly, you will have to remove the brackets holding the upholstery and move them aside to access the bolts. After the bracket, you will have to put it back; for this, it is critical to use a professional movers tool.

Washing Machine Packing and Transportation

Transportation of household appliances when moving to a new place of residence is a task that requires a particularly responsible approach, and large items require different conditions and methods of practice.

One of the most “capricious” devices is considered to be a modern washing machine. This indispensable assistant to the hostess, despite its compact size, requires a very caring attitude, because an accidental breakdown will result not only in domestic difficulties but also in a significant gap in the family budget.

So, you need to do the following:

  • Of course, the first thing to do is to disconnect the machine from the mains.
  • Unscrew the hose and drain the remaining water by slightly tilting the equipment, and leave to dry.
  • The drawer for washing powder must be fixed in the closed position with construction paper tape (it will not leave marks on the plastic surface).
  • Fixing the drum of the machine in a stationary state is a prerequisite for safe transportation, otherwise, during transportation and inevitable shaking, this part may damage the internal structure of the unit; to prevent this from happening, it is convenient to use special bolts that are usually included with purchase, but if they are lost, you will have to remove the top panel and isolate the drum with foam or rags.
  • Now it remains only to pack the washing machine. It’s good if the factory packaging is preserved, including foam elements, but this happens extremely rarely. Both bubble wrap and corrugated cardboard will do.

With any of these materials, loaders wrap the washing machine in several layers and fix the packaging with tape. In extreme cases, you can use an old blanket and straps, the main thing is to protect the device from bumps and scratches.

Important: the maximum speed when transporting complex household appliances and other valuables should not exceed 60-70 km per hour. The more potholes and potholes on the road, the lower this figure should be.

Do not allow a sudden start and braking, so you will avoid unpleasant “surprises” when unloading and installing equipment. The best variant is to consider a moving company to assist with moving.

Jacuzzi Transportation

People usually leave the usual average bath in most cases when moving. Another thing is the jacuzzi. You definitely want to take this expensive unit with you so that you can have fun in a new place, taking relaxing or tonic baths with hydromassage. But such transportation without a company of movers  is not simple, you have to take care of a lot.

The process will take place in several stages, each of which is very important. If you intend to carry out your plans on your own, you should calculate your own strength so as not to encounter unforeseen difficulties at the most inopportune moment.

So here’s what’s to be done:

  • To begin with, the unit must be correctly dismantled, without causing damage to either the appearance, the complex device, or the electronic “stuffing”; this will require a set of tools and an idea of how to proceed, in the case of a particular hot tub model and its features.
  • Next, you have to carefully move the bulky structure around the apartment, closer to the exit.
  • Descent to the first floor and load into the car.
  • The same steps, but in reverse order, installing and connecting a jacuzzi in a new bathroom.

It seems to be nothing particularly complicated, but it may seem so only at first glance. In fact, one cannot do without special skills, as well as without the help of a neat and strong movers company.


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