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Commercial Moving

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We are Step By Step Moving And Storage, located in Boston, MA. If you need commercial movers, Boston offers great representation with our services. Business moving can be a hassle, especially with the difficulties of moving an office. You have to account for all your corporate items and make sure nothing is lost during the transitional process. It can be a significant headache, but we can alleviate it with our hard work and well-earned reputation. Office moving companies need to use the best movers in Boston MA; we are Boston movers you can trust.

What included in Commercial Moving

  • We carefully wrap your belongings and put them into boxes
  • Can label all your boxes accordingly (such as kitchen appliances)
  • We store them in our moving trucks
  • Arrive at your new location and carefully unpack everything
  • We go through a checklist to ensure everything is accounted for
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How Does It Work?

at makes us stand out among business moving companies is our commitment. We take an individual approach for a smooth operation. Our relocation manager works with you to ensure your moving experience is a great one. We do everything from storage to packaging and even offer assembly for specific furniture. You get full-service commercial relocation with professional expertise. We use highly experienced staff with years of experience on the job. Each of them is licensed, bonded, and fully insured to provide you outstanding service.

How to Get Movers Boston Cheap

When dealing with movers, Boston can be an expensive city. Commercial moving companies often charge outrageous prices for their services. Our commercial moving company is different - we offer charges with a free in-home estimate. In terms of affordable moving services, Boston has you covered with Step By Step. We go over every little detail to let you know precisely what you’re paying for. There are no hidden fees to worry about.

Moving Company Boston - Here Is What We Do With Companies Movers

As an office moving company, we understand the importance of your work. You need an office moving service that doesn’t get in the way of your projects. The good news is our commercial relocation is in and out of your office in no time. We make sure not to disrupt anything going on while there is work. Thanks to their professionalism, company moving is made easy.

Below are the commercial moving services we provide, which are packaging, storage, and assembly. Big commercial moves require careful planning and state-of-the-art moving equipment. With Step By Step, our commercial moving goes off without a hitch. Here is what we can do for you.

Packing Services

We are one of the more reliable moving companies in Boston, especially when it comes to our packing services. Business moves in Boston requires careful packaging to protect your belongings. Our packaging relies on relocating your office furniture with protective layers of adhesive wrap. We put them into cardboard boxes and take careful consideration for fragile objects. Even with congestive traffic in the downtown Boston area, you can rest assured none of your items are misplaced. They are safe and secure within their respective boxes.

Packing Services>Disassembly and Reassembling

Packing Services>Individual pieces of furniture, such as tables and sofas, require disassembly and reassembly for easier storage. Step By Step does this to allow a more safe and secure method of transportation for these objects. We use careful packaging to protect all these materials and label them appropriately. Once we arrive, we can put your furniture back together.

Packing Services>Storage Solutions For Moving Boston

Packing Services> Commercial office relocation needs effective storage units. For example, consider piano movers. Boston is a prominent location for commercial moving. If you are transporting particular objects (in this case, pianos), movers must pack your belongings with the right packaging methods. With larger items like pianos, we offer storage solutions.

Packing Services>Due to our storage units, Step By Step is one of the best office movers in Boston, MA. We have an entire warehouse dedicated to moving and storage service. These are reserved for heavier items that cannot be stored correctly in a single moving van.

Packing Services>Consider Our Moving Companies Boston MA

Packing Services> When looking for commercial movers in Boston, look no further than Step By Step Moving and Storage. Within the Boston area, commercial moving experts are a necessity. Our services include storage, packaging, and assembly at affordable rates. You can take advantage of our free in-home estimate for strategic planning of your next big move.

Packing Services>Commercial moving doesn’t have to be complicated. You can count on us for all your relocation needs. When it comes to reliable moving companies, Boston is home to one of the best in Step By Step Moving and Storage.

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