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We are Step By Step Moving And Storage, located in Boston, MA. If you need commercial movers, Boston offers great representation with our services. Business moving can be a hassle, especially with the difficulties of moving an office. You have to account for all your corporate items and make sure nothing is lost during the transitional process. It can be a significant headache, but we can alleviate it with our hard work and well-earned reputation. Office moving companies need to use the best movers in Boston MA; we are Boston movers you can trust.

Local Commercial Moving Services by Step by Step Moving and Storage in Boston MA

Offices are continually changing locations nowadays as the industry grows and the marketplace offers new business opportunities. Getting ready for corporate or commercial relocation in Boston is a smart idea no matter whether you’re moving a storage facility, expanding to a larger office due to increased demand, or shrinking to a smaller location since most of your staff will be working remotely, etc.

Early moving preparations are essential. When it comes to Boston office moving, it’s better to leave it in the hands of a professional moving company. With the help of a Boston MA commercial moving company, you’ll be able to get things done promptly, with minimum downtime, and minimal disruption to your workday.

How Commercial Moves Differ from Residential Ones

Residential and commercial moving is very different, despite the fact that they are both moving services that need a lot of planning and preparation. In reality, the only thing they have in common is that they are both connected with relocation.

Many of the basic concepts of commercial moves are similar to those of residential moves and include planning, packing, loading, and transporting, although on a much bigger scale. Boston commercial movers deal with moving any type of business: it might be a little office or corporate headquarters, etc. To avoid disrupting work, you should understand that Boston commercial moving is a complicated endeavor that cannot be done on your own.

What Commercial Movers Can Provide

Extra Planning

It’s critical to have a strategy in place before office moving or relocating any type of business in Boston MA. Choosing a day and time that will have minimum impact on day-to-day activities is important as well as giving your staff notice of the upcoming changes beforehand.

Moving big and bulky things or machinery will necessitate the assistance of professional hauling services from business movers in Boston who have the training and experience needed to safely transport all the stuff.

Boston commercial movers near you are generally accessible around the clock, allowing owners to choose their approach to local or long-distance office relocation. Overnight or weekend relocation can be arranged to prevent disrupting business operations during normal working hours.

Moving Office Electronics

Transporting televisions, microwaves, and laptops securely from one place to another is a specialty of commercial movers, and there are many different types of electronic equipment Boston commercial moving companies must handle.

Computers, laptops, printers, monitors, photocopiers, fax machines, servers, and huge IT departments are all examples of business electronics. Coffee and vending machines as well as fridges and other kitchen appliances are also included on this list.

Lots of Heavy Lifting

Local Boston office movers need to perform lots of heavy lifting when moving businesses of all types, and this requires enough physical strength, skill, knowledge, experience, and effort. Such facilities as industrial plants, factories, and warehouses will definitely require professional assistance with transporting huge machinery and equipment.

Large, heavy, or problematic things can be moved with the help of experienced Boston, MA commercial movers, who have the right tools and equipment and know the techniques. If you’re looking for a trustworthy company in the Boston area that can safely transport your valuables, Step by Step Moving and Storage movers will provide you with the needed service.

Packing by Movers

Before hiring a local commercial moving company, you have to inquire about additional services movers provide. If you own a big company that requires a lot of packing, you may want to consider adding this service to the list of tasks before the moving day.

Many professional movers in Boston only deal with dismantled furniture and pre packed boxes as this is less time-consuming, so if you need packing services, make sure to ask beforehand. In addition, if you decide to pack your offices yourself, any broken or lost things won’t be covered.


It’s imperative that your office moving company in Boston MA should be able to handle a wide range of objects, from large pieces such as modular furniture to such delicate items as certificates that your firm may have acquired. Take inventory of any major items in your facility. Make a list of all of your belongings and discuss the logistics of moving them with Boston movers.


You must have appropriate storage and warehouse space when moving or storing significant volumes. Big moving companies that operate in Boston MA typically have a storage facility on site. So if you’re considering using storage, find out what commercial movers can provide you with.

Protecting Confidential Information

When moving your home, you undoubtedly have a very limited supply of confidential documents. Passports, tax documents, birth certificates, as well as laptops and tablets can be put in a bag and easily carried or driven with you to the new location. When it comes to business relocation, there is lots of sensitive information to be kept secure.
Moving documentation of the firm and its employees, as well as financial documents, is all part of a local commercial relocation. Many businesses also have computers and servers which contain sensitive information. Companies in the US are required by law to preserve customer data at all times, including when they move.

Make sure your commercial moving company in Boston has a thorough procedure for its movers, including background checks and references.

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Types of Businesses That Can Be Moved

It doesn’t matter if you have a small company or a huge corporation, you should definitely find trustworthy Boston movers for relocation assistance. A variety of companies turn to office moving companies near them:

There is no job that is too big or too little for commercial equipment movers as they know how to make your relocation to/from Boston as smooth as possible and have the expertise to provide hauling services as well as packing, loading, and unloading.

Additional Services Offered by Commercial Movers

Moving equipment and office furniture isn’t the only thing office movers in Boston specialize in. In addition, commercial moving companies offer the following:

Local Boston MA commercial movers may also be able to get rid of undesired stuff and help with international and long-distance moves.
To make a commercial Boston move hassle-free, inform your office moving company about the following:

It may also be a good idea if you provide the movers with a list of items in the office so as not to forget about anything. This will help your Boston MA commercial movers to understand whether there are some special items to take care of and what equipment movers will need to conduct the relocation around the Boston area successfully.

Choosing the Best Movers in Boston

If you’re determined to work with movers instead of doing it yourself, you’ve made the right decision! To ensure that your move is finished on schedule and without any stress, there are many good commercial movers to choose from. Although, it is a daunting task, so make sure you’re prepared before you get started.

Finding movers that will deal with you in both your present location and your new place should be your priority. To choose the best movers, have a look at the moving firm’s profile as well as reviews. Make sure you check out how long the movers of your choice have been out there and whether they’re legit.

Moving experts possess all the needed moving tools to make your move trouble-free: dollies, equipment, furniture protection, packing supplies, and trucks, as well as they are trained to conduct such moves regularly without any issues.

Many of these movers also offer insurance in case something goes wrong during your move. There is no better way to ensure that your belongings are in safe hands than with Boston movers.

Choosing the right commercial moving firm is an important step in ensuring that your move goes well. If you’re looking for experienced movers, be sure to conduct your research first so that your moving day could be stress- and effort-free.

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